• Increased Response Rates

  • Higher Average Gift

  • Greater Return on Investment

  • More Member Involvement and Activism

  • Increased Enrollment in Monthly
    Giving Programs

  • Enhanced Member Relationships

Informed, Effective Communicators

Our Communicators come to the table with in-depth knowledge of the issues and a personal commitment to advancing your work. And before any call is placed, we make sure every Communicator is well-versed in your mission, issues, programs and immediate objectives.

PIC Communicators work as part of tight-knit teams led by experienced Call Center supervisors who provide ongoing training, individual mentoring and coaching to help the team hit its fundraising targets each and every day.

It all adds up to making PIC a rewarding, stimulating place to work where our Communicators take pride in being Telefundraising professionals and get personally involved in our clients' work by volunteering and making donations.


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