• Increased Response Rates

  • Higher Average Gift

  • Greater Return on Investment

  • More Member Involvement and Activism

  • Increased Enrollment in Monthly
    Giving Programs

  • Enhanced Member Relationships


Case Study: Meeting a Client's Significant Goal

Environmental Defense Fund is a leading national nonprofit organization representing more than 400,000 members. Since 1967 they have linked science, economics and law to create innovative, equitable and cost-effecitve solutions to solve most urgent environmental problems.

Four years ago they came to PIC and requested that we work together to develop a sustainable sustainer program. At that time, their sustainer program, Partners for the Environment, had 1,700 members. Working in partnership, PIC and Environmental Defense Fund initiated a "make-over" of the program.

The objective was to double the number of sustainers in one year.

Initiatives included:

  • Rebranded the program to EcoPartners
  • Prospect in additional channels
  • Sign up could be made via the web
  • Telefundraising recent donors

Initial calling parameters included:

  • The initial audience was $20-$100 members
  • One-time, multis, C3 donors, C4 donors
  • Had a specific ask - support our Safe Harbor
  • The offer - a match of their first year contribution
  • If not, ask for a single contribution

Some calling modifications made during the program included:

  • Target audience was dropped to $10+
  • Decision was made to pull back to $20
  • Lower dollar members were not candidates for the program

Also worth knowing . . .

  • Sustainers have a much high propensity to have planned giving
  • .053% of the general membership have planned gifts
  • 1.5% of the sustainers have made a planned gift commitment

The above facts from Eco-Partners were present on January 29th by Bill Bond at the DMA Non-Profit Federation Conference in Washington, DC. The entire presentation is on the website: http://www.thedma.orgmtspeakers/00003362/NP301090007/Sustainers.pdf.



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