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Award Winning Programs and Service

Donor Acquisition

No matter their title, all fundraising professionals have the same goal: getting as many new donors as possible as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, too many pursue that goal only through direct mail campaigns —a fine strategy, but hardly the only way to acquire new donors.

If you aren’t utilizing Telefundraising in your prospecting efforts, you aren’t fully prepared to compete in the increasingly crowded marketplace…or in overflowing mailboxes!

PIC can give you a decided advantage over the competition by care­fully selecting lists of prospective donors who are phone-responsive …writing and utilizing concise, compelling scripts…respecting the donor’s time and intelligence…and reporting results day-by-day — even hour-by-hour — to ensure your campaign goals will be met.

We know the telephone will never completely replace direct mail as a means to acquire new donors. But in PIC’s skilled hands, it can be significantly more effective and efficient than mailings alone.

PLUS…Telefundraising allows you to reach a large untapped universe of prospective donors who reflexively throw out all the “junk mail” they receive, but will respond to a convincing case for support made over the phone.

PIC can also help you get fast, reliable answers to questions about your direct mail donor acquisition program.

Have you ever wondered why a workhorse mailing suddenly breaks down, what part of a test mailing’s message really sealed the deal, or whether a slight tinkering with your offer might produce big time results?

You can test an endless number of variables, then wait for results and hope they are defini­tive. You can invest thousands of dollars in market research, then wait for consultants to divine the results and hope they are right.

Or, you can get on the phone with prospec­tive donors to hear what makes them tick and immediately know which messages work best on the phone and in the mail.

Enhancing Internet Relationships

All relationships have to start somewhere. More and more these days, relation­ships between non-profit organizations and prospective donors are starting on the Internet. With a few keystrokes and click of the mouse, potential donors are able to surf your website and formulate an opinion of your organization and your mission. Will they click “Donate Online Now”? Some do, but not in the numbers one would like to see. Most people require more than a screen full of heart felt pictures and stories with monthly e-mail reminders to make or renew that donation.

Converting those web surfers to donors or renewing those web sourced donors some­times requires a good old fashioned conversation. And nothing beats the personal impact and persuasive power of a follow-up telefundraising call delivered by professional Communicators. PIC is able to deliver that compelling message to action.

Activist to Donor Acquisition

The same is true of the activists that support your organization by willingly signing their names to a petition, placing a call to Congress or taking an action.

The fact is that a great numbers of these activists are not donors. How then does your organization convert these supporters to new donors? Unfortunately, too many direct marketers pursue this goal primarily though direct mail campaigns or e-mail, fine strategy, but hardly the only way to acquire new donors.

PIC has perfected a blend of Internet, telephone, and mail to break into this previously untapped source of new donors. We call it our Activists to Donor Acquisition program. Simply put, after a thorough analysis of the activists’ file, we call and speak with them about their particular passion for the organization and ask them to become a sustainer. If they decline we ask for a one-time gift. It is not unusual that we can convert over 12 percent of the contacts. As one can imagine, these donors become closely bonded to your organization and have a high lifetime value.

So if you want more of the people who visit you website to become loyal donors, call PIC today!


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