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Inbound Customer Care and E Commerce

A toll-free inbound telephone number can be as valuable a part of your fund­raising program as your website and e-mail capability. All make it easier for the new donor to lend their support and to enhance the level of service to your existing donors, activists and the public at large. But few non-profit groups have the resources or staff required to handle all inbound calls and the growing volume of e-mails in-house.

And finding a company with both inbound expertise and e-mail capability with extensive fundraising experience is virtually impossible. In fact, there is really only one option: PIC.

PIC has a highly trained staff of problem solvers that can communicate with your mem­bers, potential members and the public. They have a thorough understanding of your organization and with state-of-art technology can:

  • Answer customer care questions
  • Take donations
  • Renew memberships
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Resolve problems
  • Fulfill premiums
  • Transfer major donors/planned giving prospects and others to your organization

All in one call or one e-mail…They are experts at building relationships, being courteous, articulate and well informed. They share the caller’s con­cern and understand the issues.

PIC’s staff can handle all your inbound telephone calls and e-mails. Whether it is to cover a simple after business hours toll-free number or a full-service customer care application seven days a week, PIC has the resources. You can be assured that at the end of the day, your donor/member caller or e-mailer is left with a glowing impression of your organi­zation and that the relationship grows.

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