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Monthly Giving Programs

Converting donors who provide occasional contributions into reliable monthly givers can be a profitable, but difficult, process.

The potential profits are a matter of simple mathematics. A donor who sends a $25 check three times a year when convinced of the need has a total annual gross value of $75. But if the same donor commits to sending “just” $10 every month, his or her annual value leaps to $120 — a 60% increase — and the cost of securing those donations falls dramatically. Equally important, monthly donors become more bonded to the organization and more likely to provide contributions over and above their monthly pledge amount.

Difficulties arise when trying to convince donors to make a monthly financial commitment. Telefundraising, as practiced by PIC, can overcome this challenge and pave the way to higher profits. Consider just a few of the advantages of a phone call over a direct mail sustainer invitation:

  • Higher initial response rates - Conducting a give-and-take conversation with donors over the phone allows an opportunity to better explain the need for monthly gifts while overcoming objections to making a more substantial commitment to the organization. As a result, more donors agree to step up their giving.
  • Improved pledge fulfillment - Respondents to mail-only monthly giving solicitations often don’t realize what they are signing up for, and consequently, fulfill their promised pledges at an unacceptably low rate. By contrast, those who join monthly giving programs over the phone are more likely to honor their pledges over an extended period of time.
  • Higher pledge amounts - PIC's well-trained Communicators are always aware of donors' past giving history so they can negotiate appropriate monthly pledge amounts; one that increases the donor's annual value rather than downgrading it or simply breaking the same total amount into monthly installments.
  • Greater return on investment - While it may cost less to mail a monthly giving solicitation, using the phone pays higher dividends in the forms of enhanced response rate, pledge fulfillments and average gifts. Plus, donors who are unwilling to make a monthly commitment can often be convinced to provide a one-time gift over the phone - an option they rarely consider when reading a direct mail sustainer invitation.

Any one of these advantages is reason enough to make Telefundraising a part of your monthly giving programs. Taken together, they can produce astounding results - one PIC client has found Telefundraising sustainer invitations to be six time more effective than direct mail.


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