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Award Winning Programs and Service

Renewal and Reinstatement Programs

The economics of fundraising, particularly direct mail fundraising, are such that the most time- and cost-intensive parts of the process involve acquiring new donors. Once acquired, donors represent the most valuable asset of any organization — an asset that can continue to rise in value if donors are bonded to the organization’s mission and their support is renewed year after year.

PIC Telefundraising programs have proven remarkably effective in leading donors over the crucial first-year renewal hurdle, renewing their support in subsequent years, and reinstating donors who have failed to respond to tra­ditional direct mail solicitations.

First-Year Renewal

Even the most effective donor acquisition program won’t produce the ultimate result — high lifetime value — if new donors don’t remain active supporters past their first anniversary. Unfortunately, the enormous potential of first-year donors isn’t fully realized because they don’t renew at the same rate as long-time donors.

To meet this challenge, PIC has developed Telefundraising programs that give special attention to first-year donors and stress the importance of “reaffirming the wise decision you made about this time last year…”

The results have been nothing short of astounding. Not only have we proven that the overall renewal rate of first-year donors is enhanced by as much as 20%, but that once retained, their giving patterns and subsequent renewal rates parallel those of the organization’s most loyal donors.

And when you factor in the savings of not replacing these donors as well as extra income from future special appeals and participation in monthly giving programs, the bottom line becomes all the more impressive.

Subsequent Renewals and Reinstatements

You can’t afford to write off donors who don’t respond to a series of direct mail renewal notices or go long periods of time without sending a donation. Telefundraising is a highly personal and cost-effective way to ask “why have you forsaken us” and reactivate lapsed donors.

Once donors are renewed or reinstated over the phone, you can put them back into ongoing solicitation programs and their performance in future years will be virtually identical to those who never strayed in the first place.


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