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We understand as well as you that the telephone is only one element of a successful fundraising strategy. Our goal is to make it a productive, worry-free element by carefully integrating Telefundraising with your direct mail, Internet presence, face-to-face solicitations, special events and other fundraising programs.

That said, the telephone has a number of clear advantages over other communications media when you need to make a special appeal to your donors:

  • Urgency — Nothing conveys a sense of urgency better than a personal phone call. The very fact that you are calling donors, rather than writ­ing them, indicates time is of the essence and that immediate action is required. Plus, PIC Telefundraising appeals enable you to deliver your message and start donations speeding their way back to you in a matter of days — even hours — instead of the weeks it can take to produce a direct mail piece.
  • Interactivity — Not the sort of interaction that has a website visitor choos­ing among numerous “click here” buttons or filling out online forms, but a real back-and-forth conversation between two living, thinking individuals — your donor and a PIC Communicator. Telefundraising conversations allow donors’ questions to be answered, any reluctance to giving to be overcome, and the importance of their support to be explained in detail.
  • Personalization — Replacing “Dear Friend” with the donor’s actual name at the top of a letter or e-mail message is a fine way to imply one-to-one communication. But it’s not as powerful as addressing the donor by name over the phone, discussing his or her interest in a par­ticular issue, stressing the impact of past contributions, and negotiating upgrades…all of which are part of PIC Telefundraising appeals.
  • Immediate testing results — You don’t need to wait for mail returns or spend valuable time constructing and deciphering complex tests to deter­mine which messages resonate with your donors. With Telefundraising, you get instant feedback and the ability to change on the fly so productive techniques can be employed file-wide and unsuccessful ones scrapped.

PIC special appeal campaigns capitalize on those advantages to produce higher response rates and average gifts than can be achieved with direct mail or online solicitations. As a result, PIC’s clients have experienced increases in appeal net income ranging from 20% to 50%!

Whether it’s a budget emergen­cy, matching gift program, capital campaign or any other fund-raising challenge facing you, Telefundraising can help you meet it efficiently and quickly.


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