Public Interest Communications (PIC) has pioneered many of today’s standard Telefundraising approaches.  We are not content to only introduce a new program to the nonprofit world but to continue to perfect it.  The respect we have for our clients’ missions and their donors’ intelligence is evident in every contact we make.

One of our most powerful tools is our Telefundraising database.  We have maintained a database of results for each person we contact, by phone number only.  If a person shows an unwillingness to answer our calls, the individual is removed from future efforts.  If “No” is the consistent response to giving requests, this person is also removed from future efforts.  Our clients see higher response rates, donation amounts and member retention rates, all leading to higher net income.


  • Our model targets donors most likely to become Sustainers

  • Small, highly focused campaigns increase our clients' net income

Retention Programs

  • A Sustainer misses a monthly payment, call to remind them

  • Reinstate phone acquired Sustainers with another phone call


  • Select your audience carefully – New Donors, Phone Responsive Donors, Sustainers and Donors who have opted in for cell phone contacts

  • Use a strong creative message with appropriate asking levels

Renewals / Reinstatements

  • Timing is everything for Renewals – select the effort where adding a phone call will have the biggest impact

  • Start calling your most recently lapsed donors and gradually add older ones until you reach your benchmark for acquisition subsidies


  • Extend and deepen Donor loyalty with a sincere “Thank You” call

  • Asking a donor to help by sharing their opinion, dramatically increases the value of this call