A healthcare charity was seeking to grow its membership and asked PIC to evaluate its lapsed donor files.

Lapsed donors are an excellent source to rebuild an active donor file and because telefundraising is a highly personal way to ask, “why have you forsaken us”, response rates can be exceedingly high.  Equally important is that once the donor is renewed over the telephone, he/she can be returned to the solicitation programs and their performance will be virtually the same as those of the active donors in future years.

PIC performed a thorough analysis of the files and in addition to segmenting the file by recency, executed a number of data overlays to identify further the lapsed donors who would have a high likelihood of being reinstated. Though the analysis reduced the initial file by over 35 percent, it increased the response rate by over 20 percent.

Results: Reinstates 19- 36 months

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Results: Reinstates Greater than 37 months

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